Bjorn Wood Wall Art – 36×45 (18×45 panels) – Ayyum
Bjorn Wood Wall Art - 36x45 (18x45 panels)
Decorative Wall Panels

Bjorn Wood Wall Art – 36×45 (18×45 panels)

Bjorn Wood Wall Art – 36×45 (18×45 panels)
This unique 2 panel design, titled Bjorn has a modern design with with a rugged feel. Which provides a lot of placement flexibility, It will look great in your home or office. The 2 panels help to cover a lot of space, increasing the amount of decor coverage.PLEASE NOTE: The sizes options are as follows. the larger size is the overall size with both panels. The size listed in parentheses are the sizes of each panel. Cut and assembled by hand from oak stock Painted and stained using advanced HVLP spray syste Decorative Wall Panels
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